The ubiquitous tomato – a fruit in the vegetable bin – until it’s in my soup!

The effort to categorize a tomato as a fruit has gone on deaf ears. Nevertheless, this packaged form of a tomato is OVER THE TOP. We tweeted about it last year but have continued to use this soup as our go to starter as we build upon it.

  • Bona Fide Provisions “Organic Roasted Tomato Soup with bone broth” is easy prep: It’s frozen.
  • Single serving size pouch
  • Full of good organic ingredients
  • It’s tasty – actually really tasty.
  • They added free range chicken bone broth so it’s super nutritious.
  • We found it available at Krogers/Ralphs, WholeFoods, but the best price, consistently, is at Sprouts.
  • We top it with a mozzarella ball, a leaf or two of fresh basil (or chopped) and VOILA tasty!

NOTE: We are a brand ambassador for products (usually techy) but NOT for BonaFide Provisions.